Our Organisation

Mydofly is a Part-FCL Approved Training Organisation, ATO, that offers airlines and pilots a unique portfolio of comprehensive services that sets it apart from most Training Organizations. What makes the difference is the winning combination of being an aviation Training and a Consultancy organisation at the same time. We work to fulfill your needs.

    "You fly, we care"

Our Core Values

Our core values are a reflection of what is important to us as an organization. They define who we are. They influence how we work together with our partners and as members of Mydofly team.


Part-FCL Approved Training Organisation

We offer the most complete and personalized training to our students. Safety and quality are our premises.



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and Human Factors

CRM training is for the development of knowledge and skills related to human performance, is one way of addressing the challenge of optimizing the human/machine interface and accompanying interpersonal activities.


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and Other services

Our consultancy services are addressed both to pilots and airlines. We can make life much easier for you.



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and Courses

We offer a wide selection of Training Courses to fit your needs. The courses are tailored for each company’s model and individualized to address the procedures of the client.


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Contact Us

Phone: +34 609848124
Email: info@mydofly.com